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Rough Scaled Sand Boa
Scientific Name:
Eryx conicus
Family Name:
Rough Scaled Sand Boas reach an average of around two feet in length.
The Rough Scaled's body is a shade of tan or grey dorsally and patterned with brown or reddish brown markings that connect forming a kind of zig-zag stripe down the back.
In the wild, the Rough Scaled Sand Boa feeds primarily on small rodents and lizards.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Rough Scaled Sand Boa

Rough Scaled Sand Boa Snapshot
Rough Scaled Sand Boa Picture Gallery
Rough Scaled Sand Boa Description
  The Rough Scaled Sand Boa is relatively small and is considered the hermit of the snake world. It is a burrowing snake from the Indian subcontinent. It spends most of its time burrowed into the soil in which it lives. The Rough Scaled Sand Boa is usually found on arid grasslands. When they are hunting, they remain underground, allowing only their eyes and nostrils to venture to the surface. When unsuspecting prey ventures near, they seize the animal and kill it by constriction. Rough Scaled Sand Boas often become dormant in very dry or very cold weather. Some specimens of Rough Scaled Boas are quite aggressive, although most snakes are generally docile if handled correctly and frequently. The scales on the Rouch Scaled Sand Boa are heavily keeled, or ridged, which gives this snake its name. Their average lifespan is about 20 years.  
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