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Peruvian Red Tail Boa
Scientific Name:
Boa constrictor constrictor
Family Name:
can grow eight to ten feet in length.
This beautiful Boa Constrictor is colored brilliantly with light pinks, tans, and dramatically deep reds that highlight the tail and a few areas on the snake's back.
In the wild they will eat mammals and birds.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Peruvian Red Tail Boa

Peruvian Red Tail Boa Snapshot
Peruvian Red Tail Boa Picture Gallery
Peruvian Red Tail Boa Description
  The Peruvian Red Tail Boa Constrictor can be fairly non-aggressive and calm, if they are handled regularly. They are also not fussy eaters. They can be a fancinating and excellent pet. Because of their adult size, keeping large boids like the Peruvian Red Tailed Boa constrictor can be difficult for even the most seasoned of snake keepers. Almost all boa constrictors can be labeled "red tailed" because most have reddish tails. The species Boa constrictor contains many varieties, which differ slightly in color and or markings. True Red Tails are less common and more expensive than the common variety. The Peruvian Red Tail Boa Constrictor has a lifespan of about 15 years.  
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