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Hogg Island Boa
Scientific Name:
Boa constrictor ssp.
Family Name:
Hog Island Boas grow to about four to five feet, with females larger than the males.
It is darker during the day than at night, and unhealthy animals are also darker than healthy snakes. The tails are not reddish like those of most boas; rather, Hog Island Boas have orange tails and many captive-bred snakes have orange or pink hues to their entire bodies. Hog Island Boas generally range in color from cream to dark gray.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Hogg Island Boa

Hogg Island Boa Snapshot
Hogg Island Boa Picture Gallery
Hogg Island Boa Description
  The Hogg Island Boa or Hog Isle Boa is often confused with the Clouded Boa, but is a lovely boa and much more docile than the Clouded Boa. Because it is smaller in size, it is a bit less demanding in care than many boas. The care for a Hog Island Boas is very similar to that of the Columbian Boa and the Red-Tail Boas. Though they are generally docile and calm, Hog Island Boas will hiss, strike, and bite if threatened.  
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