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Green Snake
Scientific Name:
Opheodrys aestivus
Family Name:
At maturity, the Green Snake reaches a size of 22 to 46 inches. Females weigh more than males.
The Green Snake is dark green in color, much like grass. These snakes do tend to turn a light turquoise blue when frightened or excited. Also, Green Snakes will sometimes have yellow shading on their underside.
Moths, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders and earthworms are a typical Green Snake diet.
Compatibility with Humans:
Relatively Non-Aggressive
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Green Snake

Green Snake Snapshot
Green Snake Picture Gallery
Green Snake Description
  The Green Snake is a beautiful and graceful snake and makes a great pet. Other common names include the Keeled Green Snake, the Green Whip Snake, the Garden Snake, the Vine Snake, and the Grass Snake. Green Snakes are shy creatures and naturally reclusive. They like to hide from humans. Even though they have small and gentle bodies, which makes them pleasing to hold, Green Snakes generally do not like to be handled. Their bodies are slender and agile, and wiggle a lot. They do have a good temper and will rarely attempt to bite a human. Green Snakes are arboreal, but they spend most of their time near ground level, in bushes, meadows, and grassy marshes and fields. Green Snakes are good swimmers. The average lifespan for the Green Snakes are about six years.  
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