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Anaconda - Green
Scientific Name:
Eunectes murinus
Family Name:
typically reach about 15 feet and 165 pounds and sometimes reach twice that size.
dark green in color with black oval patches on its back. The sides have similar spots with yellow centers.
They will eat just about any animal of appropriate size including each other and other reptiles, fish, birds, rodents, pigs, and monkeys.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Anaconda - Green

Anaconda - Green Snapshot
Anaconda - Green Picture Gallery
Anaconda - Green Description
  The Green Anaconda is often referred to as the "King of Snakes". They are shrouded in more controversy and rumor than any other snake. This snake rarely reaches over 25 feet in length, but legends that have kept people fascinated for centuries saying that they are 50 feet or more long. It is not the longest snake in the world, but it is the most massive. Because of their bulk, large Green Anacondas are much more mobile in the water than on land and will spend most of their time in or near water. Green Anacondas are ambush predators that typically wait for unsuspecting prey to come within their striking range. Anacondas are constrictors and it once believed that they would suffocate their prey. Now it is believed that the blood vessels are constricted and lack of circulation to and from the heart is the direct cause of death. The eyes of the Green Anacondas are located towards the top of the head, close to the nostrils, allowing them to keep almost their entire body underwater when they come up for air or need to stealthily watch for prey. Because of its extremely large size and aggressive temperament, the Green Anaconda is an inappropriate pet for all but the most experienced large snake keepers. Even captive born and raised specimens tend to have nasty dispositions and will bite with little or no provocation.  
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