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Eastern Indigo
Scientific Name:
Drymarchon corias couperi
Family Name:
The average Eastern Indigo will reach a maximum length 6 to 8 feet at maturity, though individuals as large as 9 feet have been documented.
Most Eastern Indigos appear to be black snakes, though in the light their scales are very dark blue, which may account for their common name. They also have small amounts of coloration on the sides of their heads and on their chin. These markings are usually red or cream. Some may also have red on their bellies. Some individuals may also have browner coloration than others throughout.
In the wild the Eastern Indigo Snake feeds on a variety of prey including other snakes including venomous snakes and even other Indigos! Other prey items in the wild include birds, small mammals and reptiles.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Eastern Indigo

Eastern Indigo Snapshot
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Eastern Indigo Description
  The Eastern Indigo Snake is the longest non-venomous snake, and the largest colubrid in North America. Even though they are large in size, the Eastern Indigo Snake is relatively non-aggressive and are quite popular in the pet trade. It is usually a very docile snake and some people refer to them as Lap Snakes since many of them seem very content to just lie where they are put. The Eastern Indigo Snake seems to tolerate people quite well, especially with frequent handling. The Easten Indigo Snake is a strong snake with heavy bodies and may not be suitable for every snake hobbyist. Other names that are common for the Eastern Indigo Snake is Blue Bull Snake, Couper's Snake, American Corais Snake, Georgia Snake and the Blue Gopher Snake. The average lifespan of the Eastern Indigo is about 17 years.  
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