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Dumeril's Boa
Scientific Name:
Acrantophis dumerili
Family Name:
The Dumeril's Boa will grow to a length of anywhere from six to eight feet long.
Their coloration forms into a brown and gray patchwork separated by black stripes. On the head, the black stripes turn into a bluish gray color.
small warm-blooded animals such as rodents and tropical birds.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Dumeril's Boa

Dumeril's Boa Snapshot
Dumeril's Boa Picture Gallery
Dumeril's Boa Description
  The Dumeril's Boa is also known the Dumeril's Ground Boa. It is a beautiful snake with a pattern designed to camoflage them on the forest floor. Over the past few years, they have become extremely popular among hobbyists. Normally, the Dumeril's Boa will not fight or become aggressive with each other, but if it is mating season, males will battle other males for prospective mates. These snakes have been known to occasionally climb trees to ambush prey, but they generally prefer to remain close to the ground.  
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