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Cook's Tree Boa
Scientific Name:
Corallus enydris cooki
Family Name:
Cook's Tree Boas average between five and six feet in length.
They are usually yellowish in color.
They feed primarily on birds in the wild, using their long teeth to catch birds by the feathers. They also eat rodents.
Compatibility with Humans:
Relatively Aggressive
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Cook's Tree Boa

Cook's Tree Boa Snapshot
Cook's Tree Boa Picture Gallery
Cook's Tree Boa Description
  Cook's Tree Boas are moderately sized, aggressive Boa Constrictors. Though they can become more docile with frequent handling from a young age, they are known for their aggressive temperament and quickness to bite. The are an arboreal species, meaning that they spend much of their time in trees. Cook's Tree Boas can be found almost anywhere there are large bushes or low trees. They are nocturnal, meaning they are active during the night. Cook's Tree Boas are easy to care for and very long-lived in captivity, however, because of their temperament, beginners rarely keep them. They are very slender and able to distribute their weight throughout the body, making residing in and traveling in trees much easier.  
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