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Colombian Rainbow Boa
Scientific Name:
Epicrates cenchria maurus
Family Name:
Colombian Rainbow Boas are smaller than most Rainbow Boas, typically growing to a length of about 4 or 5 feet, though some may grow as large as 7 feet.
Due to the unusual texture of their scales, Rainbow Boas shimmer with iridescence in daylight, a phenomenon that gave these Boas their colorful name. Colombian Rainbow Boas generally have a light brown or tan base color on which a faint pattern of circles and spots may be seen. These patterns are darker in younger snakes and fade with age.
In the wild, these Rainbow Boas eat birds, lizards, and small mammals.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Colombian Rainbow Boa

Colombian Rainbow Boa Snapshot
Colombian Rainbow Boa Picture Gallery
Colombian Rainbow Boa Description
  The Colombian Rainbow Boa is one of the subspecies of Rainbow Boas that is a bit easier to care for than its relatives. The Colombian Rainbow Boa is a truly a lovely animal and an interesting pet. It is a bit more rare in the United States than other subspecies of Rainbow Boa, but are more placid and less demanding in care than the other Rainbow Boas. They are nocturnal and can climb trees. As with most young Rainbow Boas, Colombian Rainbow babies may be hyper or nervous. With calm and patient handling, they will calm considerably. Colombian Rainbow Boas live about 25 years in captivity.  
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