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Colombian Boa
Scientific Name:
Boa constrictor imperator
Family Name:
Their maximum size is about 10 feet, and adults average about 7 feet in length. Females are generally considerably larger than males. Females will often ultimately reach about 8 feet, and males about 6 feet, but females usually have a much larger girth
The Colombian Boa can be shades of grey or tan and has 15 to 20 dark reddish-brown or brown irregular rectangular bands on its back (often referred to as saddles) and a maroon or brownish tail.
In the wild, their diet includes prey such as rodents, birds, iguanas, and monkeys.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Colombian Boa

Colombian Boa Snapshot
Colombian Boa Picture Gallery
Colombian Boa Description
  The Colombian Boa is also known as the Boa Constrictor, Colombian Boa Constrictor, Common Boa Constrictor, or the Colombian Redtail. Though they are most commonly labeled as Colombian Red-tails, this name is incorrect and misleading, as they are not true "Redtail" boas. The Colombian Boa is a common pet store boa and are regularly kept by hobbyists worldwide. It is relatively non-aggressive and is usually quite easy to handle. In some parts of the world, they are kept as pets to control rodent populations. In the wild, The Colombian Boa is largely a terrestrial snake, though it also has arboreal tendencies. They are often found living in hollow logs and mammal burrows. The Colombian Boa is not venomous, so it suffocates its prey with its powerful body by constiction. Their jaws can disjoint, which enables them to swallow animals with bodies much larger in diameter than its head. The Colombian Boa is a primitive snake that closely resembles its lizard ancestors anatomically. The Boas's numbers have been lowered because they have been hunted for leather and meat. In captivity, they can survive to about 30 years.  
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