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Clouded Boa
Scientific Name:
Boa constrictor nebulosus
Family Name:
The Clouded Boa grows to be about six feet in length, with females larger than males.
The coloration is cloudy, hence the name Clouded Boa, and has been described as "washed-out" but nevertheless beautiful. The tail is a darker brown color than the rest of the grayish body. Females grow darker and less patterned with age, and may become nearly solid black.
Wild Clouded Boas eat mammals including opossums, rats, and will also eat birds.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Clouded Boa

Clouded Boa Snapshot
Clouded Boa Picture Gallery
Clouded Boa Description
  The Clouded Boa is often mistaken for the hogg Island Boa. It is a beautiful and rare snake. If cared for correctly, this snake makes a lovely and rewarding pet. In the wild, these lovely snakes inhabit the island of Dominica, where they live in tropical rainforest climates. It is thought that they arrived via hurricanes. They like to congregate in teh daytime in groups of two to seven adult snakes. These grouplings are known as "tete-chien cavalesche" and generally occur in basking spots: warm rocks or root systems, or more commonly, sulfur gas vents or hot spring steam vents. The natives use the snake oil for medicinal purposes. Although The Clouded Boa is useful in reducing the island's rat population, they are often killed on sight by the natives due to their bad habit of stealing poultry on occasion.  
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