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Checkered Garter Snake
Scientific Name:
Thamnophis marcianus
Family Name:
The Checkered Garter Snake is longer than some other species of garter snake and can reach about three feet in length.
They can range in color from tan to a darker tannish-brown, brown, or olive. They are called "checkered" garter snakes because they have black-checkered patterns on their sides and bellies. The black checks are usually on green or sometimes yellow.
In the wild these snakes are commonly found near pond or streams and they eat amphibians, fish, arthropods, worms, and the occasional rodent. In captivity they should have a varied diet and usually are not troublesome to feed - most will readily accept feeder goldfish, crickets, and appropriately sized baby mice, though some will show a definite preference for a particular food type.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Checkered Garter Snake

Checkered Garter Snake Snapshot
Checkered Garter Snake Picture Gallery
Checkered Garter Snake Description
  The Checkered Garter Snake is one of the most common garter snakes in captivity. It is quite easy to handle and it is relatively easy to care for. There are at least three subspecies of Checkered Garter Snakes and they all look a little different. The average lifespan of the Checkered Garter Snake is about six and a half years.  
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