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Central American Boa
Scientific Name:
Boa constrictor ssp.
Family Name:
The Central American Boa Constrictor varies greatly in size. The largest specimen known was 5.5 meters long. They average about 2 meters.
The background color of their bodies varies greatly and may be shades of grey or tan, with some specimens having a pinkish hue.
The Central American Boa feeds on a variety of live prey, including large lizards, birds, and mammals.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Central American Boa

Central American Boa Snapshot
Central American Boa Picture Gallery
Central American Boa Description
  Although they vary greatly in size, the Central American Boa Constrictor is a rather large snake. They are one of the most common Boas in captivity. They are capable of thriving in a variety of climates and habitats and can be found from sea level to moderate altitudes. They live in savannahs, cultivated agricultural fields, deserts, and even tropical rainforests. They are equally comfortable on ground or in the trees, making it both terrestrial and arboreal. They are solitary, nocturnal animals, which means they are usually active at night. Boa Constrictors kill their prey by suffocation. Often, the Central American Boa Constrictors are domesticated. The average lifespan of the Central American Boa Constrictor is 25 to 35 years.  
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