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Canadian Garter Snake
Scientific Name:
Thamnophis radix haydeni
Family Name:
grows to be 14 to 43 inches in length.
The Plains Garter Snake has a background scale color of black or brown on which are visible black spots arranged in two rows. Three stripes run the length of the Plains Garter Snake: the dorsal stripe is usually orange but may be yellow or may even change from one color to the other. The other two stripes are whitish or cream colored, as is the belly of the Plains Garter Snake, which is sometimes bluish in color. Between the belly and the two lateral stripes, is another row of black spots, and the head of the Plains Garter Snake is black or brown and may have two yellow eye spots.
The usual food of the Plains Garter Snake includes frogs, eggs, mice, fish, and salamanders, though earthworms are not unusual. Any small animal is fair game for the Plains Garter Snake, and even carrion is eaten.
Compatibility with Humans:
Relatively Non-Aggressive
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Canadian Garter Snake

Canadian Garter Snake Snapshot
Canadian Garter Snake Picture Gallery
Canadian Garter Snake Description
  The Canadian Garter Snake or the Plains Garter Snake is a calmer version of the typical Eastern Garter Snake. It makes a great pest-controller in the wild and does make a good pet. It is usually found in the drier grasslands of North America. The Plains Garter Snake must regulate its own body temperature, and spends its days basking in the sun and hunting food. It is generally very docile and are not aggressive as other Garter Snakes and will not bite at perceived threat but rather emit a foul odor from their scent glands. If the Plains Garter Snake feels trapped, it will curl up into a ball, raise it's tail, and wag it back and forth. They will usually take refuge in other animals' burrows or under rocks or logs. The Plains Garter Snake will hibernate for at least six months of the year during the cold season. Plains Garter Snakes are often found hibernating with other species of snakes and sometimes use people's basements as hibernacula. Very small or young Plains Garter Snakes will even use old ant mounds for this purpose. The Plains Garter Snake has a body that is thick in appearance and they are not venomous.  
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