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California Kingsnake
Scientific Name:
Lampropelitis getula californiae
Family Name:
California Kingsnakes will not grow into large snakes. Normally, at maturity, they will measure three to four feet, five feet at a maximum.
They come in a variety of beautiful colors.
California Kingsnakes have ravenous appetites. In the wild, they will eat lizards, mice, rats, and even other snakes. For this reason, these snakes should not be housed together because if they are hungry they may resort to cannibalism.
Compatibility with Humans:
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California Kingsnake

California Kingsnake Snapshot
California Kingsnake Picture Gallery
California Kingsnake Description
  The California Kingsnake makes a good snake for beginners because their care, handling, and housing requirements are much like that of the Corn Snake. They are calm and very beautiful constrictors with an even temperament and a forgiving, flexible nature. They are accepting of handling and may are well mannered enough for children. In the wild, the California Kingsnake is commonly found in the deserts, farmlands, and forests of California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. The California Kingsnakes are very attractive and come in several color morphs. They have a distinctive defense mechanism that they use in the wild that is very interesting to observe. When they are frightened, they will mimic a rattlesnake by vibrating their tail against the ground to make a rattling noise. This is quite effective in duping most would-be predators. It is also interesting that the California Kingsnake has been known to feed on rattlesnakes. In captivity, the California Kingsnakes lifespan may be as long as 15 years. Females usually live a few years less than males.  
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