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Argentine Rainbow Boa
Scientific Name:
Epicrates cenchria alvarezi
Family Name:
They grow to be about 6 feet in length.
The scale pattern is generally set on a background of lighter brown or gray shades, which may be tinted with orange hues. Due to oddly textured scales, these Boas are so brightly colored because they shimmer. A pattern of rings and spots is clearly seen atop the background scale color and in Argentine Rainbow Boas, this pattern is very intricate and elaborate.
In the wild, Argentine Boa Constrictors eat birds and other small animals. In captivity, they are fed rats that are occasionally dusted with a nutrient or mineral powder.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Argentine Rainbow Boa

Argentine Rainbow Boa Snapshot
Argentine Rainbow Boa Picture Gallery
Argentine Rainbow Boa Description
  The Argentine Rainbow Boa is just one of none subspecies of Rainbow Boas and are often kept in captivity. It has a long, slender body and strikingly patterned scales, making it quite beautiful and no wonder it is such a popular pet. Native to the humid forests of South America, the Rainbow Boa is a noctounal hunter. These boas are a bit difficult to keep in captivity and must have carefully regulated temerature, light and humidity. They are not recommended as a biginner's snake. Newborn Argentine Rainbow Boas eat and grow at amazing rates and are generally nervous and hyper. Young Rainbow Boas can be made tolerant of people through frequent and patient handling. The Argentine Rainbow Boa is a little more slender than the average Rainbow Boa, and has sometimes been called the Slender Rainbow Boas.  
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