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Amazon Tree Boa
Scientific Name:
Corallus enydris enydris
Family Name:
They may reach a length of around 6 feet.
They can be black or grey, or brightly colored with dark markings or with no markings at all.
They prefer small frogs and lizards, but if in captivity, it is best to switch them to rodents as the frogs and lizards can spread parasites and disease to the snake.
Compatibility with Humans:
Relatively Aggressive
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Amazon Tree Boa

Amazon Tree Boa Snapshot
Amazon Tree Boa Picture Gallery
Amazon Tree Boa Description
  The Amazon Tree Boa is considered one of the most colorful and beautiful species of snake. They make wonderful display animals and great for Corallus keepeers. They are very renowned for its dispostion and temperament. This species is often overlooked due to its nasty behavior. They are very snappy, and will bite with their sharp teeth. Great care should be taken when handling these snakes. They can move very fast when they want to. Unless breeding, it is best to keep Amazon Tree Boas in seperate cages as they may end of killing each other over food. Amazon Tree Boas will spend much of their time in an inactive, coiled state at the bottom of their habitat. However, they should have plenty of plants and branches for climbing. It is a small boa, reaching only a few feet in size at maturity on average.  
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