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Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
United States
stands between 13 and 17 hands, although the average falls between 14 and 15 hands.
between 600 to 1,300 lbs.
Relatively Non-Aggressive
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Walkaloosa Snapshot
Walkaloosa Picture Gallery
Walkaloosa Description
  The Walkaloosa is simply a gorgeous Appaloosa with a gait. They are sometimes known as the Gaited Appaloosa. They are valued for their pace known as the "Indian Shuffle" or "Appaloosa Shuffle", which gives the riders and cargo a smooth, gliding ride. In appearance, the gait makes the Walkaloosa seem as though it is simply rolling its shoulders and hindquarters in circles to create a forward motion. The Walkaloosa has a goo-natured attitude and are willing to do almost anything asked of them. They are gentle and patient, and make a great beginners' horse. The Walkaloosa's build ranges from very refined to stout. They have a broad head with wide-set eyes. The skin coloring around their eyes and lips is mottled. Its muzzle is clean and not Roman shaped or coarse. Its legs are long and straight with flat bones. The hard hooves are striped. Its back is short, but strong. The Walkaloosas comes in a variety of striking patterns. Most common is the Leopard, Roan, Snowflake or Blanketed patterns. They have very strong shoulders with a well-muscled, moderately wide chest. Their withers are well defined but are not too prominent. The only trait defining a Walkaloosa from a typical Appaloosa is its gait.  
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