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Vladimir Heavy Draft
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
Ivanovo and Vladimir Region
average 160cm at the wither, 165cm in oblique body length, chest girth of 196cm, cannon bone girth of 24cm.
usually between 1500 to 1760 lbs.
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Vladimir Heavy Draft

Vladimir Heavy Draft Snapshot
Vladimir Heavy Draft Picture Gallery
Vladimir Heavy Draft Description
  The Vladimir Heavy Draft is a very large, magnicifent beast that was bred in Russia to be both strong and quick. They are also quite docile and were often used as stud horses on collective farms during the communist regime. Vladimir Drafts combine the speed and energy of a riding horse with the size, build, and strength of a draft horse. It is a relatively easy horse to breed and have a fairly high growth rate. Compared to other draft horses, such as the Clydesdale, the Vladimir Draft has a cleaner, sturdier build and a more developed chest. They are a beautiful animal with a long, chisled head and arched profile. They have a long, well-muscled neck, a slightly dipped, long back, pronounced withers, a short loin and long legs. The chest is broad but not deep. They have a luxurious hair on the mane, tail and limbs. Vladimir Drafts are most often bay, although brown and black are possible. They have a star or blaze on the head and some markings on the legs.  
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