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Tiger Horse
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
about 15 hands tall.
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Tiger Horse

Tiger Horse Snapshot
Tiger Horse Picture Gallery
Tiger Horse Description
  The Tiger Horse neither looks like a tiger or acts like a tiger. They are however, very colorful and are desired by many as show horses. They also have a long history , including an important role in the military. The Tiger Horse is famous for its four beat gait, which is one of the most comfortable gaits for a human rider. Tiger Horses are also kind, loyal, and strong. They are loved for being superior, beautiful, hardworking and are a great travel horse. Though their name gives them an impression of stripes, the Tiger Horse has no stripes. Their bodies resemble the markings of a Leopard more than a tiger. They have dark bodies, with a bay or chestnut color, covered entirely with white spots. They also have rear left and right stockings.  
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