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Donkey - Standard
Scientific Name:
Equus asinus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
Asia and Africa
about 36-56 inches tall.
Relatively Aggressive
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Donkey - Standard

Donkey - Standard Snapshot
Donkey - Standard Picture Gallery
Donkey - Standard Description
  The Standard Donkey are very sweet and people oriented, but intact males are usually quite the opposite. If a male donkey has not been neutered, it can be quite dangerous. While they can appear docile, they are not good pets as they can be quite aggressive around other equines. On the other hand, neutered male donkeys and females are usually quite docile and make good pets. They can become very attached to the humans they trust. They love affection and attention. Though they are described as "stubborn", it is really a matter of them tending to take their time thinking about what it is you are asking them to do. Many donkeys have a tendency to chase small animals away from their immediate area, which is probably a survival instinct.  
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