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Spanish Mustang
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
United States
can reach a height of 13 to 15 hands.
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Spanish Mustang

Spanish Mustang Snapshot
Spanish Mustang Picture Gallery
Spanish Mustang Description
  The Spanish Mustang is one of the best known, and oldest known horses. It is a rare and valuable horse. They are valued not only for their beauty, but for their physical powers as well. The Spanish Mustangs are adept at most skills, and are very people oriented. They have an excellent capacity to learn new skills. They are renown for their stamina, toughness and speed. They are also very hardy, and have lived where other horse breeds have perished. Because of their innate competitiveness, they excel in endurance and riding tests. The Spanish Mustang comes in many different colors, but are mostly black, chestnut and bay. Some may have color patterns, including appaloosa, and overo paint. They are not heavily muscled, and have wonderful feet and legs and a short back. The nostrils are crescent shaped and the ears are curved and notched. The neck is well arched. They have a medium chest with a v between their forelegs. Its tail is medium to low, and like the manes, is full bodied. Some of the Spanish Mustangs have double manes.  
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