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Spanish Barb
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
between 13 to 15 hands tall.
average is roughly 850 to 950 lbs.
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Spanish Barb

Spanish Barb Snapshot
Spanish Barb Picture Gallery
Spanish Barb Description
  The Spanish Barb is a popular horse. They are best known for the part they played in aiding the Spanish in conquering the New World and adapting to the new environment. They are prized for their soft gently ride. It has great strength and lots of spirit. Spanish Barbs are highly trainable, tractable, and love to please their riders. They excel in endurance, are sure-footed, and are excellent for working ranches. It is a medium sized horse and reach maturity at the age of seven to nine years. Their eyes are low and wide and they have large nostrils and small ears. The neck is medium in length and very muscular. Its back is short with only five lumbar vertebrae, and only 15 to 16 ribs. They have extremely large, durable hooves, and needs shoes in only the most extreme situations.  
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