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Russian Don
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
stands between 15.1 and 16 hands high.
Relatively Non-Aggressive
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Russian Don

Russian Don Snapshot
Russian Don Picture Gallery
Russian Don Description
  A fairly large animal, the Russian Don is best known as the mount of the Cossack Cavalry in the former Soviet Union. They are rugged and strong with very high endurance. They are well known in their capacity as an endurance racer. The Russian Don is a very even-tempered, loyal animal. Its head is refined with large nostrils and eyes that express its emotions. The nose could be either straight or hooked. The neck is often straight and is usually lean. It does not have prominent withers and it has straight shoulders, giving it a short stride. It is a powerful animal, with a substantial chest and long back. It can be seen in chestnut, bay and black.  
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