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Ranchero Stock Horse
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
North America
stands between 14.2 and 15 hands tall.
between 900 and 1500 lbs.
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Ranchero Stock Horse

Ranchero Stock Horse Snapshot
Ranchero Stock Horse Picture Gallery
Ranchero Stock Horse Description
  The Ranchero Stock Horse is a rare horse breed. It is only through the efforts of selective breeding programs that this breed has continued to survive. They are usually very good with people and when they bond, they truly bond. Proper training and bonding are very important with this breed. Generally they are an excellent choice for a child or beginner to learn on, but they are so athletic, they may throw a unexperienced rider. Originally the Ranchero Stock Horse was used as a warhorse and for work with cattle. Today they are still used for cattle, but also for classical dressage. They also make excellent jumpers. They have a lot of bottom and would also make fine endurance mounts. The color range is from 85 percent dun-factor, with Zebra dun, and clay bank being most prominent. Grulla's pop up is seen on occasion. Bays, seal brown, and liver also appear. White is allowed. A star is common, blazes are alomost never found. A "thumb print" being the color of the horse but a shade lighter is also found on about 50 percent of the stock.  
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