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Przewalski's Wild Horse
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus przewalskii
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
about seven feet from the top of its head to the floor.
usually between 200 and 300 kg.
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Przewalski's Wild Horse

Przewalski's Wild Horse Snapshot
Przewalski's Wild Horse Picture Gallery
Przewalski's Wild Horse Description
  The Przewalski's Wild Horse has been in existence for over 20,000 years. It is a very rare breed and there are only about 200 existing today, mainly in zoos. It is the only horse that has never been domesticated. It is Also known as Asiatic Wild Horse, Mongolian Wild Horse, and Taki. It is an Oriental breed. Most of their time is spent foraging for food. They are herbivores, feeding primarily on grass, plants and fruit. They are herd animals, usually consisting of one male and several females. It lives mostly on the deserts and plains of Mongolia, although the may also live in the mountains in elevations reaching eight thousand feet. It is smaller than many domesticated breeds, with short legs and neck and a stocky build. Their massive head and stocky body gives them a pony-like appearance. They have sharp upper and lower incesors that they use for cutting vegetation. Its eyes are set fairly far back in its skull, making it able to see a wide range. Its ears are fairly long and erect and can be moved to determine where a sound is coming from. In the summer, the coat is reddish-brown color, yellowish on the belly and short. The coat becomes longer and changes to a paler brown color in the winter.  
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