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Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
United States
usually stands between 14.2 and 15.2 hands.
between 900 to 1,100 lbs.
Smaller Than Average
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Pintabian Snapshot
Pintabian Picture Gallery
Pintabian Description
  The Pintabians are very unique, beautiful animals that are used for many types of events, including Western Pleasure and English Show Jumping. It is similar to Pintos or Paints because of its tobiano markings, but it is 99 percent Arabian blood. It is obedient and moderately easy to train, friendly and energetic, much like the temperament of the Arabian. Its conformation is much like the Arabians as well and it is a relatively small horse. It has a dished profile and large eyes. The neck is arched and the back is short and powerful. The major difference that sets them apart from the Arabian is the tobiano markings, which is a must for a Pintabian. A Pintabian's coat can be almost all white with very little coloration or nearly all spots with only a little white. There are usually white markings on the face and white legs.  
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