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Orlov Trotter
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
averages 162 cm. at the withers, with mares somewhat smaller than stallions.
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Orlov Trotter

Orlov Trotter Snapshot
Orlov Trotter Picture Gallery
Orlov Trotter Description
  The Orlov Trotter is one of Russia's most highly respected breeds and considered the epoch of Russian Horse-Breeding. They are used for pleasure mounts and also as draft animals for agricultural work. Because they evolved in the natural pastures of flood plains in th Voroezh region of Russia, the Orlov Trotter is an adaptable animal suitable for all work and all climates. They are also used to improve the small native horses found throughout Eastern Europe. The Orlov Trotters are very fertile animals. They are large, distinctive animals. Their conformation is distinct with well-proportioned bodies, long muscular necks, medium withers, a long and flat back, and wide broad chest. Its legs are set properly with well-developed, somewhat coarse joints. They appear in gray, bay, black and chestnut.  
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