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Norwegian Fjord
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
between 13.1 and 14.2 hands high.
between 900 to 1200 lbs.
Relatively Non-Aggressive
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Norwegian Fjord

Norwegian Fjord Snapshot
Norwegian Fjord Picture Gallery
Norwegian Fjord Description
  The Norwegian Fjord Horse is Norway's oldest breed. It is also known as the Fjord, Norges Fjordbest, Fjording, Nordbag, Nordfjord, Northern Dun, and Norwegian. This breed is a very quick learner because of its excellent memory and ability to retain what they have learned over long periods of time. The Fjord Horse is easy to ride because of their calm terperaments and easy, balanced gaits. Their most popular characteristics is its kind, gentle dispostition, making them excellent family horses and great teaching animals for children or inexperienced riders. They are well suited for to both saddle and harness work, as well as hunting or driving in shows or parades. It is a relatively small animal and 90 percent of the Norwegian Fjord Horses are brown dun, with the other 10 percent either red dun, gray, pale dun, gold or yellow dun. They have very distinct markings, including a dark dorsal strip that begins at the forelock and runs through the mane, over the neck and back and through the tail. They also have dark banded legs and black fetlocks. The outer hairs of the mane and tail usually match the coat color, while the inner hairs are black. Its mane is usually cut short so it stands straight and reveals this most interesting characteristic. It has a medium sized head with a broad forehead and straight or slightly concave profile. The eyes are large and the ears are small and alert. Its neck is muscular and the head and neck together are elegant without being coarse. Its body is short and deep with a substantial girth. It is a powerful animal with muscular legs and quarters, substantial bone, and good feet.  
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