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Scientific Name:
Equus asinus x caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
Larger Than Average
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Mule Snapshot
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Mule Description
  The Mule is an extremely intelligent, hardy working animal. It has a counterpart that has the same genetic makeup, but is smaller, called the Hinny. Mules have a notorious reputation for being stubborn, but in actuality is very intelligent. Mules have strong, independent personalities and are very self-preserving. If they feel threatened, they will refuse to remain in the situation. Mules that have good training and trust will be loyal, sensible and patient, however, it will also be jealous of your interaction with other animals. Because Mules are so intelligent, the are easy to train, but they are slow to forget bad experiences and will have to be worked with for a very long time to get it to do something it feels might end in disaster. If a Mule feels threatened, it will not hesitate to kick with swiftness and accuracy. Mules are strong, very hardy, sure-footed animals. They have incredible stamina and can do hard work for long periods of time, provided they can be persuaded to do so. Mules have horse-like bodies with donkey-like limbs. Hinnies are smaller than mules and have donkey-like bodies and horse-like limbs. They also tend to be less hardy and less intelligent. Mules have very long ears like donkeys and their thin manes are very short or shorter than those of a horse. Their tails are a bit shorter than a horses tail, but do have a few long strands in them. Mules have flat backs, low withers, and goose rumps. Mules will often be taller than both of their parents, but their bodies are narrower than horses' bodies and less deep chested. Their sides are flat and their quarters appear weaker than a horses'. Their hooves are small and hard. Mules are extremely healthy, disease resistant, and are rarely injured because of their intelligence. Mules can withstand a wide variety of temperatures and can live on less feed than horses.  
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