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Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
about 13.3 hands tall.
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Miyako Snapshot
Miyako Picture Gallery
Miyako Description
  The Miyako is one of eight distinct Japanese breeds and although fairly small, it is the largest of any of the Japanese breeds. It was developed from a primitive animal brought over to Japan over the Korean peninsula thousands of years ago. They are popular for light draftwork and as a riding mount. They are quite rare and are seldom seen outside of Japan. The Miyako, much like the other Japanese horses, was the primary mode of transportation. With the advent of motor vehicles, this changed the necessity of the Miyako. It is lucky for the breed that it is considered a national landmark. There is a herd of 21 animals that exist on Miyako Island and is a tourist attraction. It is also used as an instructional tool at the local high school. The Miyako breed has been designated an official Prefectural Natural Treasure. At one time this breed only stood 11 hands maximum, but they were crossed with larger stallions in the mid 20th century to increase their size for farming purposes. Its appearance resembles the Mongolian horse and usually appears in bay or dun. They may exhibit primitive markings, such as a dorsal stripe on the back or zebra stripes on the legs.  
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