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Donkey - Miniature
Scientific Name:
Equus asinus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
usually between 31 to 35 inches tall.
Relatively Aggressive
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Donkey - Miniature

Donkey - Miniature Snapshot
Donkey - Miniature Picture Gallery
Donkey - Miniature Description
  The Miniature Donkey is a very sturdy animal, often used as a pack animal. They are for the most part docile, but can become very aggressive if provoked. Because they are native to Mediterranean regions where food can sometimes be scarce, they eat very little and use their food efficiently. Domestically, they feed primarily on good quality hay. Miniature Donkeys are known for their loving personalities, which crave attention. Gelded jacks or jennets make good pets for children. They communicate with humans and other animals by braying, which can be barely audible to extremely loud. The Miniature Donkey is not a bred-down version of a larger animal. Their small size is natural. Most Miniature Donkeys are gray-dun; gray colored body with lighter nose, belly and inside legs. They have a dark dorsal stripe down the back and across the shoulders, which is known as the "Donkey's Cross". Some Miniature Donkeys can range in color between black and white, true black, which is very rare. They can also appear in a chestnut/sorrel, being various shades of reddish brown. Spotted donkeys also exist. Their life span is about 33 years.  
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