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Irish Draught
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
averages between 15.2 and 17 hands high.
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Irish Draught

Irish Draught Snapshot
Irish Draught Picture Gallery
Irish Draught Description
  The Irish Draught horse is very rare and have almost been pressed to extinction several times. They have a very long history and were traditionally used as draft horses, riding horses and hunters. They are known for their soundness and athletic ability, as well as for its easy-tempered, intelligent nature. They have a marvelous gallop and are bold, willing and versatile. The Irish Draught horse is often used in the breeding of show jumpers. Though its name would suggest a larger, heavier animal, the Irish Draught is only moderately large and sound of bone. They have a fairly deep girth. Their intelligent heads are small. Its body is strong and the chest is deep. They are very muscular and have natural balance. Its coat is usually dappled gray, but any solid color is acceptable.  
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