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Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
usually under 14.2 hands tall.
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Hokkaido Snapshot
Hokkaido Picture Gallery
Hokkaido Description
  In its native Japan, the Hokkaido is also called "Dosanko" or "Hokkaido Washu". It is very hardy and is used both for riding and for heavy draft work. Their home is primarily on the Pacific Coast of Hokkaido, one of the islands that make up Japan. They are very capable of surviving in cold weather and traversing very difficult mountain terrain. They are used for transportation, and more so on the ranches of the Island. During the winter months, the ranchers often leave the horses to survive on bamboo grasses found only in the mountains. While in other regions, horses left in the wild may become feral, on Hokkaido, the bears come out of hibernation in the mountains and begin preying on the horses. For this reason, the Hokkaido is more than willing to return to work when the farmers come back to the Island in nicer weather. It is a fairly small horse that is fairly docile with an even temperament. Their heads are large and they have thick manes. Solid colors including bay, brown, chestnut, roan and cremello are common. Rarely do they have white markings, but a black dorsal stripe is possible. Their tough hooves enable them to navigate the difficult mountain terrain.  
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