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Highland Pony
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
about 12.3 and 14.2 hands tall.
Relatively Non-Aggressive
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Highland Pony

Highland Pony Snapshot
Highland Pony Picture Gallery
Highland Pony Description
  The Highland Pony is the largest of all Britain's native pony breeds. It is a versatile, authentic animal that dates back hundreds of years. They are primarily workhorses, and are also used for trekking, driving, endurance riding and other recreational purposes. There are two types of the Highland Pony; the Western Isles Pony and the Mainland Pony. The Western Isles Pony is more active than the Mainland. The Highland is known for their easygoing temperament and native intellect. When the Highland is crossed with a Thoroughbred, it produces a moderately sized, intelligent riding animal with excellent endurance. They are great family companions. They have an excellent personality and are good jumpers. They are very capable of carrying very heavy loads over long distances and heavy terrain. Because they are uncomfortable being stabled, the Highland Pony lives outside year round, no matter what the weather is. It is probably the most common pony in Scotland, while being rare in the United States. Their bodies are stocky, although the Western Isles pony is more refined. They can appear in several shades of dun, ranging from very light cream to red-brown. It can also appear in bay, black and gray. In the summer, their coat is sleek, while in the winter it is wooly. For the most part, their mane, legs, and tail are very dark. Most Highland Ponies have primitive marks such as stripes along the shoulder and "zebra" stripes on the legs.  
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