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Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
about 15 hands high
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Friesian Snapshot
Friesian Picture Gallery
Friesian Description
  The Freisian is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated horses in Europe. It is native to the Netherlands, but found throughout the world. It is most commonly a harness animal, but is also popular in circuses and becoming better known for their qualities as a riding mount. They are very talented, intelligent, obedient, and have wonderful showmanship and temperament. The Freisian is greatly appreciated for its qualities as a trotter, with high-stepping action and elegance. The Freisian is a moderately sized animal with a striking appearance. Its head is carried high and the neck is low-set. Its expressive face reflects their easy-going personalities. They are very muscular, especially in the legs and quarters. Its mane and tail is one of its most striking physical characteristics. The tail and mane are never cut and quite often grow to the ground. They have a significant feather and the leg hair grows from the middle of the leg down. At one time, the Friesian would appear in browns and bays, but today black is the only color. Some may have a white star on its forehead.  
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