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Donkey - English/Irish
Scientific Name:
Equus asinus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
Great Britain
averages between 10 to 14 hands tall.
Relatively Aggressive
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Donkey - English/Irish

Donkey - English/Irish Snapshot
Donkey - English/Irish Picture Gallery
Donkey - English/Irish Description
  The English and Irish Donkey is known as a Moke by Welsh Gypsies and as a Cuddy in Scotland. They are also known as Asses and Burros, like all other donkeys. Enlish and Irish Donkeys are efficient to keep as they work hard and require less feed than horses. They are very intelligent, as well as being patient and sure-footed. They also have a very loud voice that can carry for miles. They are often used as pack animals. Male donkeys can be somewhat aggressive. Donkeys are social animals and should not be removed from its mother until they are full-grown. Some donkeys can live as many as sixty years, but rarely do they exceed forty years. They can appear in a variety of colors, including black, white and shades of gray and brown. Donkeys have very large ears, which enables them to hear their fellows braying from far away.  
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