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Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
about 15 hands high.
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Dole Snapshot
Dole Picture Gallery
Dole Description
  There are two types of the Dole Horse. One is a light draft horse called the Dole Trotter. The other is the Gudbransdal, which is a heavy workhorse. The gudbransdal is a small, tough horse used for heavy work such as farm work and transport. The Dole Trotter was first used for light transport, but today is used more for harness racing and trotting. Because there is a large amount of interbreeding, they two types are becoming more uniform and the differences are dwindling. They have an active gait and high energy which makes them noted for their high stamina. Both types share many common characteristics. Their heads are quite small and pony-like. The forehead is wide and the muzzle is square. Its neck is crested and short and they have a very straight profile. A deep body, strong shoulders, and strong chest make up their very powerful body. A healthy Dole Horse will have short, strong, thick limbs. The Dole Horse is usually black, brown, or bay, but it is not unusual to find chestnut, gray, and dun colored horses as well. Some Dole Horses may have white markings along the head and legs.  
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