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Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
about 15 to 16 hands high.
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Breton Snapshot
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Breton Description
  The Brenton Horse is a hardy and hard working horse. In France, it is mainly bred for meat production, however, it remains on small farms and vineyards where it is used for a workhorse. Because of its stamina, energy, strength, and kind and good-nature way, it is the most widely used draft horse in France. It is also widely exported throughout the world to improve lighter stock. Its head is straight, broad, square and kindly on top of a short neck that is arched and strong. Its ears are small and set low. The shoulders are short and slopping. It has well-sprung ribs that are characteristic of the short and broad body. Its limbs are very short and muscuslar as well. Its feet are very hard and medium in size. The tail is docked short and both the tail and mane are flaxen. Chestnut is the most common coat color, but it is not unusual to see roan or gray. There are three types of Breton Horse: the small Breton Darft Horse (Corlay or Central Mountain Breton), the Heavy Breton Draft Horse and the Postier Breton.  
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