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Australian Stock Horse
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
It is an average size horse.
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Australian Stock Horse

Australian Stock Horse Snapshot
Australian Stock Horse Picture Gallery
Australian Stock Horse Description
  The Australian Stock Horse is also known as the Waler. It is nearly extinct, but being revived in Australia. It is best known for its stamina and hardiness. It was orginally bred as a working horse, but becoming better known for their abilities in the sporting areana. They are quite versatile, fast and have great endurance. They are also very loyal to their masters and have a friendly disposition. The Australian Stock Horse or Waler, is a mix of different breeds and can appear in all possible coat colors. The head is alert with a broad forehead. It has a long neck, sloping shoulders with a well-defined wither, a deep but not broad chest, and a stong back. Its legs are well developed and muscular, as are the quarters.  
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