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Paint Horse
Scientific Name:
Equus caballus
Family Name:
Origin or Range:
United States
smaller than average
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Paint Horse

Paint Horse Snapshot
Paint Horse Picture Gallery
Paint Horse Description
  The American Paint Horse is an essential part of America's history. They are rugged, versatile animals. They are ideal animals for showing, ranching, racing, trail riding and pleasure riding. The American Paint horse is very intelligent, as well as being friendly, and are very powerful and athletic. It is heavily muscled and stockier than other light horse breeds and usually short-coupled with strong bones. They do display a great deal of refinement, especially in the head and neck area. The most striking physical characteristic of the Paint Horse is its coat. There are two specific varieties: the tobiano and the overo. The tabiano pattern has markings like those of solid-colored animals, such as balze, strip, star, snip or completely solid. All four of a tobiano Paint's legs are white and their spots are oval or round and extend down the neck and chest. A tobiano will usually have dark color on one or both flanks and may be mostly dark or mostly white. The tobiano's tail is often bicolor. The Overo can also be mostly dark or mostly light. However, the overo's white areas usually do not cross the back between the withers and tail. At least one or more of the legs will be dark. Overos usually have white head markings, including the common "bald face." Their markings are usually irregular and scattered and the tail is all one color. Some may be both color types which is called "tovero."  
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