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Swift fox
Scientific Name:
Vulpes velox
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
15-21 in. (37-53 cm)
Tail Size:
9-14 in. (22-35 cm)
4-7 lb. (1.8-3 kg)
Their color changes with the seasons, being a darker grey in the summer and more orangish colored in the winter. They generally are grey, with lighter coloration underneath, and an orange or rust color where the grey meets the white. They have dark markings that extend from the inside corner of each eye down the sides of their muzzle.
Life Span:
3-4 years
rabbits, rodents, insects, cactus fruit, and occasionally birds.
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Swift fox

Swift fox Snapshot
Swift fox Picture Gallery
Swift fox Description
  The swift fox is a small fox that can tend to have large ears in the arid parts of its range. They have a broad round face with a short muzzle. Their tails are long and bushy and their fur is short and thick.  
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