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Silky terrier
Scientific Name:
Canis familiaris
Family Name:
9-10 inches (23-25 cm.) Females are generally smaller than the males.
8-11 lbs. (4-5 kg.)
blue and fire red, or blue with tan markings. The topknot should be lighter in color than the tan points. The Silky Terriers are born black.
Life Span:
about 12-15 years.
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Silky terrier

Silky terrier Snapshot
Silky terrier Picture Gallery
Silky terrier Description
  The Silky Terrier is also called the Sidney Terrier. It is a fine-boned, moderately low-set, long haired terrier. It is lightly built, but compact. Its head is flat and wide between the v-shaped, erect ears. It has a shallow stop. Its eyes are round and dark with a piercing expression and it has a black nose. The teeth form a scissors bite with a sturdy jaw. Its body is slightly longer than tall and has a level topline. Its round, catlike feet are small and well-padded. Dewclaws are normally removed and the tail is docked. Its fine, silky, shiny hair is about 5-6 inches long and has no undercoat. Prone to tangles and mats, it needs to be frequently groomed. Its coat should not reach the floor and the hair is parted down the center of the back.  
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