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Scientific Name:
Canis familiaris
Family Name:
10-13 inches (21-33 cm.)
12-18 lbs. (5.5-8 kg.)
solid black is the only color accepted by the AKC, but it also comes in ranges of tans and fawns which is accepted abroad.
Life Span:
about 15 or more years.
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Schipperke Snapshot
Schipperke Picture Gallery
Schipperke Description
  The Schipperke is a thickset, tail-less, small dog with a double coat and a ruff around its neck. Its body is compact and short and looks square when viewed from the side. The topline appears to slope gently down from the withers. The chest should reach to the elbows and should be wide. It has a wedge-shaped head like a fox's, with a pointed muzzle. Its forehead is slightly rounded and wide. Its dark brown, small, oval eyes have a mischievious, questioning and alert expression and its triangular-shaped ears are small and erect. If the Schipperke is born with a tail, it is docked. Its nose is always black and its teeth should meet in a scissors or level bite. Dewclaws are usually removed.  
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