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Red fox
Scientific Name:
Vulpes vulpes
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
23-36 in. (58-90 cm)
Tail Size:
13-20 in. (32-49 cm)
20-30 lb (10 - 14 kg)
They are usually a deep ruddy red with a white face and tail tip, and black feet and stripes down from the corner of each eye to its nose. The tips of the ears are sometimes black as well. However, there are several variations of the coat color. In addition to the red version, there is a "silver" phase, where the fox is basically solid black with some white grizzling on the back and sides. There is also a cross fox, which is a black fox with red ticking. They can also be solid black, with no ticking. Farm raised red foxes have even more coat variations. Some can be pure white with some grey markings, and some are golden with black ticking all over.
Life Span:
3 years
rodents, fruit, vegetation, insects, human garbage, young deer, and wild boar. Rodents and rabbits form the bulk of their diet.
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Red fox

Red fox Snapshot
Red fox Picture Gallery
Red fox Description
  Out of all the foxes in the fox family, the red fox is the largest. Their size is greatly varies throughtout their range. The red fox is not always red. Coloring varies on geographical location. An interesting fact regarding the Vulopes foxes is their eyes are slits like those of cats.  
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