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Pampas fox
Scientific Name:
Pseudalopex gymnocercus
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
25 in. (62 cm)
Tail Size:
14 in. (34 cm)
8 - 13 lb.
Their coat is generally greyish, with paler undersides. The head, ears and backs of the legs have a ruddy cast. They have black markings on the sides of their muzzle, and black on the tip of its tail and around the caudal gland.
Life Span:
about 13 years
small rodents and rabbits, birds, and young lambs
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Pampas fox

Pampas fox Snapshot
Pampas fox Picture Gallery
Pampas fox Description
  The Pampas fox is a medium-sized fox. The black markings on the sides of their muzzle make it distinguishable from the culpeo. They have thick, bushy tails. The foxes in the northern areas of their range tend to be more vividly colored than those to the south.  
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