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Maned wolf
Scientific Name:
Chrysocyon brachyurus
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
50-52 in (124-132 cm)
Tail Size:
11-18 in (28-45 cm)
average 44 lb
deep rusty color with dark markings on their legs and muzzle, and lighter markings on the underside of their face and the tip of the tail.
Life Span:
12-15 years
They primarily feed on fruits and vegetation, but rabbits and rodents also make up a significant portion of their diet. They favor chicken as well.
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Maned wolf

Maned wolf Snapshot
Maned wolf Picture Gallery
Maned wolf Description
  The maned wolf is the most unusual looking of the canids. Actually it is not a wolf at all, but much more closely related to foxes. They have thick, medium length hair. The hair around their neck is much thicker and longer, like a mane. Their legs are extremely long and slender which has given them the name "a fox on stilts". Their ears are very large.  
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