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Scientific Name:
Canis familiaris
Family Name:
8-10 inches (20-25 cm.)
6 1/2-9 lbs. (3-4 kg.)
Pure white or light ivory.
Life Span:
about 15 or more years. It may live as long as 18 years, but it is important to keep it out of the damp.
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Maltese Snapshot
Maltese Picture Gallery
Maltese Description
  The Maltese is a hardy little companion dog that has a luxurious, silky white coat which hangs straight to the ground on each side of a center part line. The coat is made of shiny, thick, heavy hair that should not be wavy, curly or kinky. It is about 8 1/2 inches long and there is no undercoat. It has long, pendant ears and its tail drapes over the back. Both the ears and tail are thickly covered with hair. Its large, dark eyes are round and deep with dark rims. Its muzzle tapers slightly and should be one-third the length of the total head. The nose is black with open nostrils and has a distinct stop. Its body is slightly longer than tall with a level topline. Even though it is fine-boned, the Maltese is a sturdy animal. A properly built Maltese seems to float along the ground under its cloud of white hair.  
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