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Island gray fox
Scientific Name:
Urocyon littoralis
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
19-20 in. (48-50 cm)
Tail Size:
4-12 in (11-29 cm)
4 - 7 lb
Generally, their fur is greyish with black tips, with cinnamon colored fur on the sides of the body, and white or cream colored fur on their belly and cheeks. They have black markings on the sides of their muzzle. The top of their tail has a black stripe, and the rest is grey, with the underside being rusty-colored.
Life Span:
about 15 years
insects, mice and other small vertebrates, crabs, and fruit
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Island gray fox

Island gray fox Snapshot
Island gray fox Picture Gallery
Island gray fox Description
  The Island grey fox look almost like grey foxes, but are a bit smaller and have shorter tails. The reason for this is because they have two less vertebrae than grey foxes of the mainland. They are known to be the smallest fox species in the United States.  
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