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Golden jackal
Scientific Name:
Canis aureus
Family Name:
Head & Body Size:
24-42 in. (60-106 cm)
Tail Size:
8-12 in. (20-30 cm)
5-33 lb
greyish yellow to red to golden with white ticking
Life Span:
about 13 years
Their diet is about half animal matter and half plant matter. They will eat carrion, like most jackals, but also hunt rabbits, rodents, young ungulates, ground birds, insects, fish, and feed on fruits and vegetation.
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Golden jackal

Golden jackal Snapshot
Golden jackal Picture Gallery
Golden jackal Description
  The Golden Jackal is very much like a small wolf. It stands as tall as a moderately tall dog and the bone structure is common to the canis family. It has a medium sized, pointed snout and long pointed ears. Their fur is long and smooth and coloration varies depending on age, season, geographical location, and individual.  
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